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Sea Doo Sea Scooter

Sea Scooter! Aqua Powered Electric Vehicle.

Priced at $399   

2004 models in stock!
A powerful waterscooter for the entire family.
Powerful motor great for diving or pools
Amazing learning tool for swimming
Battery, charger, and carry bag included
Swim assist up to 2 mph

Click Here for the Sea Scooter Video

Our newest Sea Scooter design represents breakthroughs in efficiency, design and portability. The years of design and engineering effort invested into this innovative device has also resulted in the lightest, most efficient scooters around, with a thrust to weight ratio of 1 kgf/kg. 

Ergonomically designed

Weight: Approx. 5.0 kg / 11 lbs.

Run time: Up to one hour depending on rider weight and usage.

Speed: Up to 2 mph / 3.2 km/h

Static Thrust: 11 lbf / 5 kgf

Thrust to weight ration: 1 kgf/kg / 11 lbf/lb

Maximum depth: up to 65 ft

Battery Capacity: 7 Ah (12v) - 40 minutes; 12 Ah - 70 minutes

Rechargeable maintenance-free battery (lead acid)

Dimensions: 23.5" x 14.4" x 12.25" (597 x 366 x 311 mm)