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   3-Wheeled Electric Bike


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Priced at $1395 

The   3-Wheeled  Electric Bicycle  is a safe and easy to ride pedal assisted vehicle for adults or physically challenged riders.   Combined with our 12 amp-36 volt battery system, this bike can reach speeds up to 15 MPH for distances as up to 30 miles on one charge. This bicycle combines the overall big trike comfort with state of the art electric technology.

Key Features:
A safe and easy to ride electric assist pedal vehicle for adults or physically challenged riders.
Great to use for local transportation or as part of a controlled exercise program
Average 25-30 mile range with nominal pedaling.
Fully recharges in 8 hours
Maximum speed of 15 mph


Technical Specifications:
> Brushless electric motor
> Uniweld Construction
> Aluminum Alloy Shock Absorbers 
> Aluminum Alloy wheels
> 36 Volt System
> 300 Charges (Approx. 9,000 miles)
> 24 hour Replacement Part Availability
> Steel Spokes
> Weight: 100 pounds
> Standard Load: Up to 400 pounds
> Battery: 3 in line 12v, 12 Ah, Acid-Lead Sealed,   Maintenance Free

Please note that this is a large item which is shipped via freight lines. Cannot be shipped by UPS.


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