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20"/24"Folding Electric Bike

(Available in 3 Different Models)

Expands easily! It's no sweat.

Folding Electric Bike- Complete electric folding bicycle, no installation, just take it out of the box and go! Comes with e-bike conversion kit (front hub 400 watt motor) already installed. (approx. 75 lbs)

You can take it on your RV, throw it in the trunk of your car, even take it on the bus or subway. This bike is great for transportation and recreation.

All folding bikes on this page utilize our e-conversion kit. Click here for details


White 20" Folding Electric Bike                20" folding electric bike - 6 Speed Grip Shift
Top Speed - 18 mph
Total Weight - 68 lbs.
Folded = 32"L X 13"W X 25"H             Unfolded = 62"L X 22"W X 43"H   
PRICE - $ 625.00 + S/H


Red 20" Folding Electric Bike                      Top Speed - 18 mph
Total Weight - 68 lbs.
Folded = 32"L X 13"W X 25"H
Unfolded = 62"L X 22"W X 43"H
PRICE - $ 595.00 + S/H


Green 24" Folding Electric Bike              Top Speed - 20 mph
Total Weight - 77 lbs.
Folded = 34"L X 13"W X 30"H
Unfolded = 66"L X 25"W X 41"H
PRICE - $ 595.00 +S/H



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