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There’s never been a time in history when alternative forms of transportation were in greater demand. Uncertain energy costs, the green movement, personal fitness trends and a mushrooming US babyboom population have all pointed to a single conclusion: The time for light electric vehicles is now.

For the past decade the electric bike has become the alternative vehicle of choice in Europe and Asia. Industry experts agree the North American market is just now reaching the critical tipping point where consumers are embracing irreversible trends with a mode of transportation offering something for everyone—the urban professional, environmentalist, college student, middle-age fitness enthusiast, and recreational user alike.

The benefits of Electric Bikes are Enormous…

  • Inexpensive to operate—save money on commuting or running errands.

  • No license, registration or insurance required.

  • Pedal effortlessly to work without getting sweaty.

  • Good source of exercise.

  • No traffic delays since you can ride in bike lanes.

  • Follows the green trend—no exhaust emission, quiet, minimal carbon footprint, lithium batteries replacing lead-acid.

  • Portable—take it into your office, condo, load it on the bus or train; take up elevators in urban high-rises.

  • Fun to ride—feel like a kid again


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