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In the GO FAST mode, top speed is 24 mph, electronically limited. Zero to 20 mph in less than 4 seconds. In the "GO FAR" mode, top speed is 17mph, and acceleration is smooth and simple.

Powerful enough? See for yourself!

Using a single battery pack, range is 20-25 miles in the "GO FAR" mode and 15-20 miles in the "GO FAST" mode. Actual range will depend on the terrain and your size. 

Hill Climbing
The eGO Cycle charges up hills. It will climb a 15% grade at 18 mph with a 170lb rider.  If you are in a very hilly environment please ask us about our special hill climbing gear.
Just plug your eGO in and the charger takes it from there. Three hours to 80% from complete discharge, 4-6 hours to full charge. Accepts any input voltage from 100V to 240V (typically household outlets are 110V).


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The heart of the eGO is a tough DC motor designed specifically for the eGO Cycle. It's powerful enough to pull big people up big hills.
Don't try this at home... click to see

The soft ride of the eGO cycle 2 is the result of a custom front dual spring suspension fork. Our suspension not only smoothes the bumps, but increases safety.

One word: Comfort. For an extra-smooth ride, choose the suspension seat post that turns the seat post into a shock absorber.

Belt Drive
The eGO Cycle Classic and LX, use a quiet belt drive transmission. The 'whisper drive' requires no lubrication and is nearly silent.

Keyed ignition makes sure you stay in control of your eGO. Digital instruments and light switch are easy to read and reach. Performance mode selector lets you choose: "GO FAST" or "GO FAR."

The rear rack is standard equipment on the eGO Classic and LX. It's great for bringing small cargo along. For more cargo space, choose the collapsible rear baskets or the lift-off front basket. If you want to bring home the kitchen sink, (literally) consider the cargo trailer.




Registerable and Road Legal
The eGO Cycle is a new and different way to get around, but it also meets different legal requirements depending upon your state and town. The eGO Cycle can be registered anywhere in the US, but in many states it doesn't have to be registered at all.  Laws are constantly changing so ride safely and responsibly at all times!

Automatic  Brakes
Relaxing the throttle automatically activates the regenerative braking feature, recapturing your momentum to charge the battery. Whenever you slow down the brake light is activated and your eGO gets a boost of energy.  Similar technology is used in hybrid vehicles.

Hand Brakes
For extra stopping power the eGO Cycle has a front disc brake and a rear V style caliper brake. The eGO RC has dual caliper brakes.

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eGO cycle wheels have lightweight hubs and incredibly strong double-walled 48-spoke rims matched with durable long-wearing high pressure tires. The twenty inch diameter wheels smooth the bumps and are safer than smaller wheels.  In addition, these twenty inch inner tubes can be found at any bicycle store!

Our DOT compliant headlight and a startlingly bright LED tail light/brake light make sure you can see and be seen.

The eGO chassis is sculpture in motion. Precision tooled T6000 aircraft-grade aluminum is precisely aligned and TIG welded into an incredibly strong yet arrestingly beautiful monocoque chassis with room inside to hold batteries, electronics, and drive components. The chassis is heat treated, sand blasted and silver anodized for strength, scratch resistance and exceptional durability.

Two 12 volt sealed deep-discharge lead-acid batteries specially designed for the demands of electric vehicles. 20+ miles per charge, swap in a fresh pair if you want to double your range.  Good for years of everyday use.




63" long. 40" tall. 23" wide (12" wide with handlebars aligned for storage or transport).

130 pounds, but it's no weakling. The eGO Cycle is seriously fun transportation. (140 pounds shipped)

Two 12 volt sealed deep-discharge lead-acid batteries specially designed for the demands of electric vehicles. 20+ miles per charge, swap in a fresh pair if you want to double your range. Good for years of everyday use. They'll carry you up to 10,000 miles before they'll need to be replaced. Swap in a fresh pair if you want to double your range. The eGO RC uses a single 24V 20Ah battery. Swap in an extra or attach the XR pack for added range.

eGOs are designed and built to last. The eGO Classic and LX offer Ten years warranty on the chassis; one year warranty on everything else, excluding the batteries; and six month warranty on the batteries.


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