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ELECTRIK MOTION, Your Electric Vehicle Headquarters
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" Quality Electric Bikes, Electric Golf Carts & Electric Scooters!"
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Rayos is the best priced electric bike available. Why spend $2000+ on an electric bike with half the power of the Rayos?   Most lithium-based battery bikes are under-powered and over-priced. Rayos Electric Bikes has been rated the best-buy in electric bikes for several years.  Rayos Electric Bikes and Adult Trikes are in-stock. Orders yours today to ensure delivery. Free headlight with every bike or scooter order. Motor upgrades for Currie and Lashout Electric Bikes and Scooters. Our prices have never been so low and can't be beat!!!




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Dynasteer 2000 Remote Controlled Electriic Golf CartDynasteer 2000 Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart (includes hill tamer) Sale-$1495-Click Here

Check our new Rayos Electric Bicycle. Rayos Electric Bike, Rayos BikeElectric Bicycle

Rayos Electric Bicycle ( 8 Speed Full Suspension)-$1099 + s/h   Click Here For Our Latest Full-Suspension 8 Speed 600 Watt Rayos Electric Bicycle.


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Satisfaction Guarantee: Electrik Motion sells the highest quality electric bikes, electric scooters, electric conversion kits and stocks all parts and accessories. Our toll free technical support is available to our customers, 7 days/week to ensure they get the most out of their electric scooter, electric bike or electric conversion kit product. We are committed to providing you the highest level of service available while maintaining competitive prices on our electric bikes, electric scooters, electric conversion kits and related accessories.

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The new US law regards electric bicycles with fully functioning pedals, no more than 750 watts motor output and 20 mph top speed as “bicycles”. 
The US Senate has passed SR 1156, clearing the way for a legal definition of an electric bicycle in the USA. President Bush has signed this law.  The new law will assign the governance of electric bicycles to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and will define a bicycle that has pedals, (and is capable of being propelled by those pedals) an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, and a top speed (on motor only) of 20 mph as a "bicycle."

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